‘Hacksaw’ Mike Napoli?

If you’re of a particular age (and, sadly, lack of intellect like me) you will remember a wrestler named Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Hacksaw used to carry around an American flag and a 2 x 4. His general strategy was to take a beating and come back at the end to win, often with the help of the aforementioned 2 x 4.

Hasksaw’s signature expression was, “Hoooooooooo!”

On Wednesday, after Mike Napoli hit two long home runs, a fellow by the name of William St. Jean hopped on Twitter and noted that the Red Sox first baseman bears a resemblance to Duggan. Dustin Pedroia saw the Tweet and loved it.



Pedroia has encyclopedic knowledge of three things: baseball, the Sacramento Kings and wrestling. That Napoli somewhat looks like Hacksaw Jim Duggan is gold for him.

Then Napoli saw Pedroia’s tweet and took to Twitter himself. He wrote, you guessed it, “Hoooooooooo!”

Hence, there’s a fairly good chance that Hacksaw Mike Napoli could take root. That he has 21 extra-base hits and 31 RBIs makes it a decent nickname. Plus he carries around a wooden club.

Team chemistry is a great mystery, my friends. But it’s all good for these Red Sox.


• Stephen Drew was 4 for 35 (.114) in his first 11 games this season. Combine that with his rehab assignment with Double A Portland and that’s roughly the equivalent of a normal spring training in terms of at-bats.

He is since 7 of 22 (.318) with three extra-base hits, seven RBIs and five walks.

“I’m just working on things. A lot of it is timing,” Drew said Wednesday night after going 3 for 5 with a home run. “Like I said before, I’m getting there. I’m having great at-bats. I’m swinging at the pitches that I want to swing at and hitting the ball hard.”

Drew suspected it would take him some time to get in gear after starting the season on the disabled list with a concussion.


“I had 18 at-bats in spring [training] or whatever plus the concussion. That was no fun,” he said. “Kind of didn’t know when that was going to end. … There’s no excuse. I’ve put good ABs on and worked the counts really well. I think the timing is starting to get there.”

• Josh Beckett lost to the Rockies last night. He is 0-4, 5.24 in six starts for the Dodgers.

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