Greetings from Gate C-29


Good morning from Logan Airport. We’re here waiting for a flight to Tampa. The Red Sox start a nine-day road trip on Tuesday night.

There’s a nice new feature in Terminal C. In the room where you wait to go through security, they hung up all the Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics and Patriots championship banners in order.

(Took a photo of the ’86 Celtics banner. That was a great season.)

A few other thoughts:

• You probably would have signed up for 22-16 through 38 games on April 1. That’s a pace to win 93 games. The problem is they’re 2-8 after a 20-8 start.


• The Sox are 13 of their last 79 (.165) with runners in scoring position including a somewhat ridiculous 3 of their last 36.

• If you sincerely believe that David Ortiz went into a slump because of a column Dan Shaughnessy wrote, then you also believe that David Ortiz is a simple-minded moron.

Ortiz would seem to be a pretty resilient person given the length of his career and accomplishments over that time. The idea that a column threw him off kilter is pretty dumb.

There are two things at play here: Ortiz obviously wasn’t going to hit .414/.444/.776 all season and Ortiz also likes some media-based drama once or twice a season. That’s all this is.

Beyond that, Ortiz was 6 of 22 (.273) before Shaughnessy talked to him. The cooling off had started.

• The Sox really need Will Middlebrooks to be good enough to hit sixth and not eighth. That changes the lineup considerably.

• Jacoby Ellsbury (.257/.311/.365) needs to review the free agent walk-year playbook. He has gone 139 at-bats without a homer.

• The Cleveland Indians are 15-6 since the Red Sox swept them. Turns out Terry Francona knows what he’s doing. They play two against the Yankees today in a makeup doubleheader.

• Think the Red Sox are rooting for the Bruins tonight? The longer the B’s are kicking, the longer the Sox can operate out of the spotlight a bit and fix their issues.


• The closer by the end of the season: Rubby De La Rosa.

• It would be hard to give up on Felix Doubront, a lefty who is 25. But he needs to show the Sox something pretty soon. You get the idea he burned some bridges showing up for camp out of shape. If you were a new manager, how would that make you feel?

The flight is being called. Catch you from Florida tomorrow.

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