DiSarcina discusses Iglesias benching


PAWTUCKET, R.I. — When Jose Iglesias was pulled in the middle of Pawtucket’s 4-1 loss to the Durham Bulls on May 4 for not running out a ground ball and subsequently left out of the lineup for three games, it led to questions about the attitude of the flashy young shortstop. Iglesias started the season in the majors and was sent down to Triple A on April 10 when Stephen Drew came off the disabled list.

PawSox manager Gary DiSarcina, who initially called it a “manager’s decision,” said sitting Iglesias was intended for the shortstop to get his head together and refocus on the areas the major league club wanted him to emphasize when he was sent down last month.


DiSarcina told the Globe:

“Manager’s decision is just that. It wasn’t just one thing. We can sit here and talk about multiple things that were going on, but basically it came down to whatever John Farrell told him that he needed to do down here, he’s not doing.


“I don’t want to get all into that or expand on it, but I believe if somebody wants to know what’s going on, they’ll come down and they’ll ask. They won’t just make assumptions that he’s a discipline problem. He’s never been a discipline problem. He’s on time. He does his work. He’s a good teammate, all those things. But there’s some things that need to be addressed.

“How it works here with me is it’s addressed like this. I’ll talk to you about it and we’ll sit a couple days and you move on. You can’t hold grudges. You’ve got to have their confidence. I can’t be walking around saying, ‘I’m not going to put you in the lineup tomorrow’ or not put them in the lineup tomorrow because we’re here to build them up. I’m here to get him to the big leagues. I’m not here to bring him down. I’m not here to sit him on the bench and punish him. That’s not what we’re all about. It’s, ‘Hey, take a break, watch how the game is played and remember what John told you.’ “

When Drew returned, Iglesias was sent down, even though he was hitting .450. After 25 games with Pawtucket, DiSarcina said, he could see reality setting in for Iglesias that this wasn’t temporary, this was where Iglesias would be for the foreseeable future.

“I think that’s part of the struggle of he did so good up there, then he got sent down and he feels like, ‘What more can I do?’ ” said DiSarcina. “But I’m here to help him. I’m here to get him back up there. I’m not here to hold him down, I’m not here to sit him on the bench. I’m here to get him what he needs to get back up there.”

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