Clay Buchholz scratched from Monday start

Red Sox righthander Clay Buchholz has been scratched from Monday’s start against Philadelphia due to an irritation in his right AC joint in the collarbone area.

John Farrell and Buchholz said the area started getting sore after his last start. Buchholz said he slept the wrong way while his young daughter slept on the right shoulder. Buchholz said he threw in the bullpen yesterday and felt it but expects not to miss a full turn in the rotation and that he would like to pitch later this week.

Alfredo Aceves will make the start tomorrow against the Phillies.


Buchholz is 7-0 with a 1.73 earned run average and a 1.05 WHIP. The Red Sox are 9-1 in his starts. Aceves is 1-1, 8.20 and will be making his fourth start.

“The night we got back from the road trip, just got in bed and had the little girl with me and I fell asleep like this [with her crooked in his arm] instead of on my back like I usually do. When I woke up the next morning it felt a little tight,” Buchholz said. “So I came in here and been getting treatment on it. I could pitch tomorrow if I had to, but I don’t have to. So take my time and get it all the way out and pitch in a couple more days,” he said.

Buchholz said it was his call to miss the start, but that he’s rather go out there when he’s 100 percent rather than be held back. He said if he had to pitch tomorrow night he would have, but the Red Sox seem to have options in the form of Aceves.

“I want to make sure I’m 100 percent every time I go out there, rather than 80, 85 percent,” Buchholz said. “Just want to cut it (risk of it lingering) right now and hopefully a couple more days, two, three more days, I’ll be back where I was at.”


Buchholz had never faced the Phillies before.

“It doesn’t make me alter my delivery at all. It’s just something that’s there and the doctors have all said I can go out and throw and I’m not going to hurt anything. It’s just that joint, where it’s at, it has a little bit of cartilage in the middle and they said I irritated the cartilage by sort of laying on it and pinching it,” he said.

Buchholz said it’s tough to sit out because of the way he’s been pitching.

“Yeah, that’s what’s hard about it. I want to be out there every day. I think I would be doing the team an injustice if I’m not 100 percent like I have been all year. yeah, that was the tough part, on my half side of it. But fortunately enough we got a couple of guys that can fill in for that one start so it’s not going to hurt anybody.”

Buchholz said he’s had this before.

“Yeah, in minor leagues, it feels like just a bone bruise, basically. It’s right on top of the bone so it’s not a ligament. It’s just a piece of cartilage in between those bones of that joint, that sort of flared up a little bit. Had x-rays and everything on it. So came back [good]. So it’s fine.”

Buchholz said he threw a full bullpen on Saturday.

“A little bit,” he said when asked whether it bothered him. “It’s just I don’t want to go out there, feeling something and feel like I have to alter my delivery to do something and end up hurting something else. I’ve never had to pitch with any kind of ill feelings as far as arm and I don’t think now’s a good time to start that. So it is what they say it is and it’s only going to take a couple more days, what’s two days more?”


Buchholz said he would play catch on Monday. He expects to start later in the week.

“Yeah, that’s sort of what we’re looking at right now. I don’t know an exact day, but yeah. I don’t think I’ll miss a full turn in the rotation,” he said.

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