Welcome back to baseball season

Welcome back, hockey fans. Here’s what you missed with the Red Sox since the Bruins started the playoffs on May 1:

• The Sox are still in first place in the AL East. But they are 25-25 since May 3.

• Jose Iglesias is playing every day on the left side of the infield, just like you wanted. But he’s the third baseman. That’s right, the best shortstop in the organization plays third. Don’t ask how that came to be, but it’s working out pretty well. He’s now a productive hitter, too. Again, don’t ask. It’s hard to explain.


• Andrew Bailey is no longer the closer. Koji Uehara is, but he hasn’t had to close a game yet. Stay tuned.

• John Lackey is the team’s most reliable and consistent starter at the moment.

• Jacoby Ellsbury is playing well (.289/.353/.400) after a slow start. He is hitting .381 in his last 22 games. He steals a lot of bases but doesn’t hit home runs any more.

• Clay Buchholz hasn’t pitched since June 8. Nobody is sure when he will pitch again. He literally has a pain in the neck.

• David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia will probably be All-Stars. Buchholz could be, too. That is assuming he’ll be ready to pitch by then.

• Jon Lester is 1-4 with a 7.30 ERA in his last seven starts. He is 17-21 with a 4.80 ERA in his last 55 starts. That’s nearly two seasons.

• Remember Pedro Ciriaco? They traded him to the Padres.

• There have been 15 roster moves involving pitchers since June 11. There will be another two today when Franklin Morales goes on the disabled list and somebody else comes up.

• John Farrell is the AL manager of the year to this point. The Red Sox play with a sense of purpose and generally play the game the way you’d like to see a team play.


• Remember that Xander Bogaerts kid you reading about in spring training? He was promoted to Triple A.

• Pedroia is having the best defensive season of his career. He makes some sort of remarkable play roughly once every game and a half.

• Shane Victorino has played Gold Glove defense in right field. But he keeps smacking into walls and hurting his back.

• Mike Napoli has a lot of doubles (21), RBIs (50) and strikeouts (97). All in all, he’s been a bargain and his hips have held up.

• It seems like the Red Sox had a good draft. They took a tall high school lefty in the first round and signed him pretty quickly. People who are paid to know such things believe the high school catcher they took in the third round is pretty good, too.

• NESN’s Jerry Remy was out sick a while but he’ll be back in the booth tonight.

• Finally, every team in the AL East is in contention and the season is just about to the halfway point. Summer is just starting and the local nine is in first place. Sports never stops in this town.

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