Buchholz: ‘I want it to be gone’

Clay Buchholz hasn’t ruled out pitching for the Red Sox before the All-Star break. But he made it clear on Wednesday that he will not pitch until the discomfort in his right trapezius muscle had cleared up.

“It’s not something that’s a terrible feeling,” said Buchholz, who cut short a bullpen session this afternoon because of lingering discomfort. “It’s just I want it to be gone. I don’t feel like pitching and going out two starts and having it flare up again.

“I’m going to stand strong on before I pitch again or before I get off a mound in a game situation, I’m not going to feel anything. That’s where we’re at right now.”


Buchholz has been told that the issue has nothing to do with his rotator cuff. He also feels fine when he plays catch. The pain comes when he follows through on pitches thrown from the mound.

Buchholz was hoping that’s today’s session would lead to another on Friday and then a rehab game. Now he’s been pushed back again.

“It was a letdown,” he said. “Fortunate enough that we have a really good team and I’m not having to stress getting back any quicker than I need to be fully recovered because we’re struggling or we need arms. That’s not the case with this club. Everybody’s going out and doing their job and having a bunch outings out of our starters is key.

“It could be more stressful and more frustrating. But not at this point. That’s where I’m at. Definitely don’t want to be stuck at this point for any longer than I have to be. Just got to find a way to deal with it.”

Buchholz said his all of his pitches felt good while he was on the mound and he could theoretically go out and pitch with the injury. But the fact that it feels uncomfortable on the mound is a concern.


Buchholz was injured fielding a comebacker in his last start on June 8. At the time, he had just gotten over a sore AC joint in his shoulder.

“I don’t feel like it’s right for me to go back out and pitch when I’m 80 percent. I think I’m doing the team an injustice and I’m risking further injury,” he said.

Because he has never had an arm injury before, Buchholz is worried the trap would cause him to alter his mechanics to compensate and lead to a more serious injury.

“I sort of feel that’s how all this happened in the first place, me compensating for the AC joint and maybe throwing at a little higher arm slot than I usually do,” he said.

Buchholz offered no prediction about when he would pitch again. He hopes it will be before the break.

“I want to try to figure it out and get off the mound and do whatever I need to do to get well,” he said.


• Shortstop Xander Bogaerts (World Team) and righthander Anthony Ranaudo (United States) were selected for the Futurs Game at Citi Field on July 14. Garin Cecchini was selected as a finalist for the Fan Vote.

• As expected, the Red Sox activated Clayton Mortensen from the disabled list and optioned Pedro Beato to Pawtucket. The Sox have made 17 roster moves involving their pitchers since June 11.

• Farrell said that Andrew Bailey is now in “the middle relief group” and could be used in low-leverage situations.

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