Lester not worried about hip injury

Jon Lester left tonight’s 7-4 Red Sox win over the Blue Jays in the eighth inning after allowing hits to Rajai Davis and Maicer Izturis.. He went 3-and-0 to Emilio Bonifacio before Jarrod Saltalamacchia called the trainer and John Farrell out.

Lester left the game limping a tad. The diagnosis after the game was a “jammed (right) hip.”

Lester said he was fine afterward, but the tell-tale sign would be if there was any sorenesss in the hip when he woke up this morning. As of now, Lester said he was making is next start and wasn’t worried about the hip and he said the doctors were also not worried.


“I slipped a little bit,” Lester said. “The doctors call it a jammed hip; kind of a zinging sensation down my leg. It’s something I’ve had before. It happens when you slip or overslide. This was a little different – in the part of the game we’re in there’s no point in messing around with it at that juncture.

“I feel fine now,“ he added. “Walking off the field it kind of stayed with me a little bit. After the doctor looked at it, I started to feel normal. Hopefully that will carry over tomorrow and I won’t have to worry about it.”

Lester threw 94 pitches and allowed four runs and five hits over seven innings. The Red Sox scored seven runs in the second inning.

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