Tom Werner: Ownership gratified by success of Red Sox

Red Sox chairman Tom Werner was a baseball fan before he became an executive. And that side of him enjoys watching the team this season.

“Everybody is very pleased about the fact the team has really come together. It’s a fun team to watch,” Werner told the Globe this afternoon. “Last night the ballpark was sold out, today’s it’s sold out, tomorrow it’s sold out. There’s a real feeling that people are excited about the team and that’s gratifying.

“That’s the feeling, that it’s gratifying. Last year was incredibly painful and this year is just the opposite.”


Werner and principal owner John Henry will be in Anaheim next week for the three-game series against the Angels.

“We enjoy watching this team play. It’s exciting. Everybody seems to be contributing. It’s exciting to see Jonny Gomes get that hit last night. I get a particular kick out of seeing players like Daniel Nava. I couldn’t be more pleased with David [Ortiz] and how he came back healthy. He’s running well, too. [Dustin] Pedroia’s playing great. It’s all good.

“They’ve been very competitive. I have no illusions about the second half. We’ve played beautifully the first half and we’re only three and a half games in front. It’s a very tough division. We have to keep playing well.”

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