A very happy birthday for D’Angelo Ortiz


SEATTLE — David Ortiz did something special for his son’s birthday.

D’Angelo Ortiz, who turns 9 on Wednesday, joined the Red Sox in Anaheim and for the first two games in Seattle. He took batting practice in the cage, stretched with the team and even swiped a t-shirt he liked out of Shane Victorino’s locker.

Today, between the third and fourth innings, Big Papi emerged from the dugout with a birthday cake and presented it to his son.

The Red Sox, like most teams these days, are fine with the players having their kids around the clubhouse. The Sox have a family room next to the clubhouse at Fenway and many of the players often bring their sons to their lockers after a win.


Ortiz gets a few more perks because he’s the senior member of the team. In this case, it was to create a memory his son is sure to treasure.

“Why do you think I stole that base?” Ortiz said with a big laugh. “I wanted to show him I was still fast.”

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