Biogenesis case could be drawn out

NEW YORK — The one thing that came out of today’s annual media sessions with MLB commissioner Bud Selig and MLB Players Association heads Micheal Weiner and David Prouty is the Biogenesis scandal and sorting out its ramifications is going to be a long process and reports that suspensions may came out as quickly as after the All-Star break may be premature.

In fact, both executive director Weiner and general counsel Prouty indicated they would be discussing matters over the next month and didn’t expect much to be out there until September when appeals cases are likely to be heard.


Stories will leak to the media as they already have, but technically the suspensions are not supposed to be announced until the appeals have been heard.

One thing we learned from Prouty is the PED language and the 50-game, 100-game and lifetime bans, applies to a positive test. But the agreement also indicates that the commissioner has the power to impose disciplinary penalties, though the language is vague. The sides would have to agree on fairness of the penalties and each case will be taken individually.

The arbiter, and he’s the only one who will handle all the appeals that are brought, has 25 days after he hears the case to rule and then five days after that to explain his decision.

Weiner said that MLB has been forthcoming with some of the evidence and not forthcoming with some other things.

Selig said his investigative team has been aggressive and thorough and that his office has not leaked any information to the media. He also said that once the investigations are completed, the information will be made public.

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