Base-running errors prove costly in loss

Base-running blunders plagued Boston in a 5-2 loss to the Yankees on Saturday. In a game where they only mustered seven hits, the Sox were tagged out twice at home plate.

Daniel Nava was also tagged out at second base in a critical play in the eighth inning.

With one out and Nava on first, Dustin Pedroia popped the ball up high behind home plate. Yankees catcher Chris Stewart bent over into the stands and grabbed it.

Nava said first base coach Arnie Beyeler gave him instructions one pitch earlier.

“He said, ‘Don’t think about going anywhere'” Nava recalled. “You’re not going anywhere.”


But once the ball was in the air, instincts kicked in. Nava said he “stopped thinking.”

“That’s a time where, even if you can take the base, I shouldn’t have taken the base,” Nava said. “Looking back, I wouldn’t have done it.”

Manager John Farrell said, “that was over-aggressiveness on his part.”

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