The Biogenesis scandal helps the Red Sox

If Jake Peavy proves to be a difference maker for the Red Sox, you can thank all the crooked players caught up in the Biogenesis scandal.

Ben Cherington said that the Peavy trade did not come together until the Red Sox and White Sox involved the Tigers, who were in need of a shortstop with the pending suspension of Jhonny Peralta.

MLB is negotiating with Peralta and other Biogenesis clients on season-ending suspensions that could be announced at any moment. Once Peralta is out, Jose Iglesias will become Detroit’s shortstop.

The other interesting aspect of this deal was the Red Sox being able to absorb the $19.6 million remaining on Peavy’s deal without going over the luxury tax threshold. The Dodgers trade 11 months ago is the gift that keeps on giving.


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