The revolving door of Red Sox shortstops

If the Red Sox ask you to play shortstop, better keep a suitcase handy.

Here is a look at what happened to the Opening Day shortstops over the last 10 years and any other players who started at least five games at the position:

Opening Day shortstop: Jose Iglesias (traded to Tigers, July 30, 2013).
Other shortstops: Stephen Drew (still with team, on one-year contract); Pedro Ciriaco (traded to Padres on June 14, 2013).

Opening Day shortstop: Mike Aviles (traded to Blue Jays on Oct. 21, 2012)
Other shortstops: Nick Punto (traded to Dodgers on Aug. 25, 2012); Ciriaco.

Opening Day shortstop: Marco Scutaro (traded to Rockies on Jan. 21, 2012).
Other shortstops: Jed Lowrie (traded to Astros on Dec. 14, 2011); Yamaico Navarro (traded to Royals on July 30, 2011).


Opening Day shortstop: Scutaro
Other shortstops: Lowrie, Navarro.

Opening Day shortstop: Lowrie
Other shortstops: Nick Green (granted free agency Nov. 5, 2009); Alex Gonzalez (granted free agency Nov. 9, 2009); Julio Lugo (traded to Cardinals on July 22, 2009).

Opening Day shortstop: Lugo
Other shortstops: Alex Cora (granted free agency Oct. 30, 2008); Lowrie.

Opening Day shortstop: Lugo
Other shortstops: Cora

Opening Day shortstop: Alex Gonzalez (granted free agency Oct. 30, 2006).
Other shortstops: Cora, Dustin Pedroia (still with team as second baseman).

Opening Day shortstop: Edgar Renteria (traded to Braves on Dec. 8, 2005).
Other shortstops: Ramon Vazquez (traded to Indians July 5, 2005).

Opening Day shortstop: Pokey Reese (granted free agency on Nov. 1, 2004).
Other shortstops: Orlando Cabrera (granted free agency on Nov. 1, 2004); Nomar Garciaparra (traded to Cubs on July 31, 2004); Cesar Crespo (granted free agency Oct. 4, 2004).

11 shortstops traded and five allowed to leave as free agents. That doesn’t count Hanley Ramirez, who was traded to the Marlins before the 2006 season. He never actually started a game at shortstop for the Sox.

Games started at shortstop 2004-13
Lugo 245
Scutaro 234
Gonzalez 153
Renteria 150
Lowrie 130
Aviles 129
Cora 112
Drew 74
Green 74
Cabrera 57
Reese 57
Iglesias 51
Garciaparra 35
Ciriaco 28
Navarro 8
Crespo 7
Vazquez 6
Pedroia 5
Punto 5

Good luck to Xander Bogaerts or whoever is there next season. Surviving more than two seasons would be bucking a trend.

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