Carl Crawford wants to beat the Red Sox ‘bad’

LOS ANGELES — Carl Crawford, one of the players the Red Sox traded to the Dodgers a year ago, continues to be critical of his time in Boston, something he has done several times this season.

“That was just a bad experience,” Crawford told the Los Angeles Times. “I definitely felt like I had a chance to get a fresh start. With a new team, new atmosphere, new environment.”

Crawford has blamed the atmosphere in Boston and even the media for his hitting .260 with a low .711 OPS over parts of two seasons with the Sox after accepting a seven-year, $142 million free agent contract.


“I want to win all three games. Bad,” Crawford said of this weekend’s series against the Sox.

Now a leadoff hitter after recovering from elbow surgery, Crawford has played only 88 of 127 games this season, hitting .288. He rarely steals bases (11) or hits home runs (5) anymore, and is signed for four more years at $82.5 million.

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly is taking a less combative approach to the series.

“I think it’ll be fun to play them,” he told reporters in Miami. “They’re a good club and they’re playing good. The better teams continue to force you to be better. I look forward to it a little bit.”

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