Dempster has no issue with Ortiz’s comments

LOS ANGELES — Ryan Dempster will finish his five-game suspension from Major League Baseball on Sunday by sitting in the stands and watching the Red Sox play the Dodgers.

Under the rules, Dempster was allowed to work out before the game but could not be in the dugout or clubhouse during the game. So he showered, dress and went to look for a seat among the fans.

“I’ll go find a seat somewhere and play ‘Where’s Waldo?’ I like being out there with the fans,” he said.

Dempster was suspended for intentionally throwing at Alex Rodriguez during last Sunday’s game at Fenway Park. He is eligible to play on Tuesday but the Red Sox pushed him back to Friday’s game against the Chicago White Sox.


Dempster threw 80 pitches in the bullpen on Saturday and throw another bullpen session on Tuesday.

“I’ll be there ready to go,” he said. “I felt really good [Saturday] and I’ll be as prepared as I can be to go out there and do my job.”

David Ortiz said last week that hitting Rodriguez was the wrong thing to do because it appeared to motivate the Yankees in a game the Red Sox ended up losing.

Ortiz’s relatively innocuous comments made news nationally because he appeared to be criticizing a teammate. But Dempster said he took no offense.

“For sure. He has his opinion and he’s right to every bit of his opinion,” Dempster said. “This is his team. I’m sure he was a little bit frustrated with how everything happened and that’s OK, man. … We joked about it and we’re totally cool.”

See the Globe tomorrow for more on Dempster.

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