Explaining Daniel Bard’s situation

It will be interesting to see if a team puts in a claim on Daniel Bard, because there are some financial ramifications in doing so.

First of all, Bard, who was designated for assignment by the Red Sox, would be owed the remainder of his $1.86 million salary for this year — about $275,000.

Second, a team that acquires him would have to decide whether to tender him as of Dec. 2 for next season. If he is tendered, then he goes to arbitration since he has more than three years of service time.

The new team could offer a maximum 20 percent cut (to about $1.5 million), though Bard’s agent would likely seek a status quo contract of $1.86 million. The team could also try to work out a pre-tender major league deal at more than the 20 percent cut and include a split salary if he’s in the minors.


If he gets through waivers and the Red Sox take him back and outright him to the minors, he would be eligible for free agency at the end of the season because he was outrighted as a player with three-plus years of service.

Most players would accept the assignment and then become a free agent. If that happens, Bard could negotiate a major league or minor league deal with the Red Sox or anyone else. If he gets a major league deal, it would likely be minimal.

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