Who is your Red Sox MVP?


NEW YORK — Here’s a question that reveals why the Red Sox woke up 85-57 this morning and with a commanding lead in the American League East:

Who is their most valuable player?

You can make a pretty solid case for four players. Maybe even a few more. Consider:

Koji Uehara: The closer has helped the Red Sox overcome the loss of Joel Hanrahan and Andrew Bailey by having a landmark season. Uehara has a 1.14 earned run average and a 0.60 WHIP. He has averaged 12.36 strikeouts per nine innings.

Mariano Rivera’s best ERA was 1.38 in 2005. His best WHIP was 0.66 in 2008 and his best K/9 was 10.9 in 1996.


If Uehera hadn’t stepped up like he did in June, how many of those late-game victories that have fueled this season wouldn’t have happened?

Jacoby Ellsbury: He has a 5.5 WAR, a mark reflective of his all-around contributions. Ellsbury is hitting .299 with a .355 OBP and 52 steals. The power isn’t there like it once was, but he has again become a dynamic offensive force.

Ellsbury may be motivated by free agency, but for whatever the reason, he’s been close to his best for the last four months or so.

Dustin Pedroia: This season won’t go down as his best offensively but his defense has been stellar. Pedroia has played 141 of the 142 games and embraced being a leader. This team was essentially built with players in his image.

David Ortiz: Big Papi is having a powerful season despite missing all of spring training recovering from his Achilles injury. Take away his on-base skills and power hitting and is this offense averaging 5.1 runs? No chance.

Others: There is no denying the two-way impact of Shane Victorino. … John Lackey started the season as the No. 5 starter and pitched like an ace much of the season, his deceptive record aside. … Where would Daniel Nava rank on your list? No worse than sixth or seventh perhaps. … Jon Lester had a long slump. But in 13 starts after a loss, he has a 2.68 earned run average and the Sox have won 11 times.


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