Red Sox lose, as do the Athletics

DENVER — The Red Sox didn’t show much of a pulse against the Rockies on Tuesday night. But they didn’t lose any ground in the race for the best record in the American League.

The Sox lost, 8-3, at Coors Field. The Athletics fell, 3-0, against the Angels in Anaheim. The Sox have a one-game lead with four to play.

The top seed will face the winner of the one-game wild-card playoff game on Oct. 2. The alternative is facing the Detroit Tigers, the likely No. 3 seed.

The top seed also gets home field advantage throughout the postseason.


“By the way we play at home and the way our guys embrace our environment, it would be a very good thing,” John Farrell said before the game.

If the Sox and Athletics finish in a tie, the tiebreaker would go to Oakland.

The teams split six games this season, eliminating the first tiebreaker. The second tiebreaker is intra-division play, which would end up with a tie if the teams have the same overall record.

The third tiebreaker would be overall intra-league record. That also would be tied if the teams have the same record.

The fourth tiebreaker, and the deciding one, would be the second-half intra-league record. The A’s are 42-25 and the Sox 39-30.

Farrell hopes it doesn’t come to that.

“We’re also in a position where we control our own destiny,” he said.


• Jacoby Ellsbury was upgraded to “likely” for Wednesday night.

• John Lackey has a 4.48 ERA on the road and 2.47 at Fenway. If he starts Game 2, that’s why.

• Sox pitchers are 0 for 23 this season. It’s up to Jake Peavy.

• Brandon Workman hadn’t pitched in a week as the Sox wanted to give the rookie some time off after he piled up 141 2/3 innings. He looked rusty in the seventh inning, facing five hitters and putting four of them on.


“My command wasn’t very good at all tonight,” Workman said. “That’s something I can obviously work on. I wasn’t very sharp tonight.”

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