Scenes from another Red Sox celebration


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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A few champagne-streaked notes (literally, thanks to Ryan Lavarnway) from the Red Sox clubhouse:

• As the players were moshing together in the clubhouse, Farrell escaped the deluge and returned to his office to share the moment with GM Ben Cherington, assistant GM Mike Hazen, assistant GM Brian O’Halloran and vice president of player personnel Allard Baird.

Cherington and Farrell have one of the best manager/GM relationships in the game. Farrell also goes back to his Cleveland days with Hazen, whose influence helped bring Farrell back from Toronto.

The working relationship between the baseball operations staff and the field staff is one of the key components that has led the Red Sox to the ALCS.


• Mike Napoli wore swim trunks and was shirtless for the postgame celebration. But Jonny Gomes geared up as he did after the AL East clincher with a combat helmet.

• Xander Bogaerts, who walked twice and scored two runs, was 20 when the Sox clinched the East and has since turned 21. But he did not partake in any alcohol. “I can drink, but I don’t drink,” he said. “I’m legal, but I won’t.”

Bogaerts is a very talented player. But the way he conducts himself and handles everything that comes is way is part of what will make him a star player in time. He has that personality.

• Lefthander Andrew Miller, who is out for the season but traveling with the team, also didn’t partake in any bubbly or beer. He is having surgery on Thursday to get a screw removed from his broken foot and was told not to have any alcohol.

• Cherington needed a shower before getting on the team bus. A group of players soaked him in champagne.

• Jake Peavy spoke to reporters several times and was often interrupted by teammates dousing him. Each team, he leaned back and reveled in it. Peavy later took a photo with his three sons in the clubhouse. Imagine his season, going from the last-place White Sox to the ALCS.


This game was why the Red Sox traded for him. It will be very interesting to see if Peavy moves up in the rotation for the ALCS. He might make a very good choice for Game 2.

• When it comes to parties, Koji Uehera doesn’t get cheated. He was in the middle of everything and drained a few beers along the way.

Koji was very helpful to the media, though. He was speaking to a few of the regular beat writers at one point when a mirthful Junichi Tazawa approached with a bottle of champagne. I don’t have the exact translation but Uehara must have said, “Do that and you’re a dead man,” because Tazawa held off until the scribes gathered their quotes.

• Outside of Felix Doubront, the Red Sox used all 25 players on their roster in the series. But Felix was enjoying himself immensely. “Unbelievable feeling,” he said.

• Watched Jarrod Saltalamacchia wring champagne out of his beard before he spoke to Joe Castiglione for the postgame show. Nice guy, that Salty.

Thanks for reading along. A 6 a.m. flight home awaits.

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