For Ortiz and Molina, it’s a rematch

The World Series between the Red Sox and Cardinals, which starts on Wednesday night at Fenway Park, will be a rematch from 2004. But only two players are still with the teams.

David Ortiz is the last Red Sox player remaining from curse-busting 2004 Red Sox who swept St. Louis in four games.

“It’s kind of crazy but nobody else is left,” the 37-year-old Ortiz said on Saturday night. “I’m glad I’m still here for this team. This is a great group of guys.”

For the Cardinals, only catcher Yadier Molina is left. Molina was a 22-year-old rookie in 2004. He played in only 51 regular season games that year but started twice in the postseason including Game 4 of the Series.


The primary catcher for St. Louis that season was Mike Matheny, now their manager.

The Sox and Cardinals will be meeting for the fourth time in the World Series. The Cardinals won seven-game Series in 1946 and 1967 before losing in 2004.

A few other updates:

• The Cardinals will start Adam Wainwright in Game 1. He has a 1.57 ERA in 23 postseason innings this season. Wainwright will be facing the Red Sox for the first time in his career.

Shane Victorino (5 of 22), Stephen Drew (2 of 19), David Ross (2 of 11), Jonny Gomes (2 for 10) and Mike Carp (0 for 3) are the only Red Sox to face Wainwright.

• The Red Sox have not named their starters yet but it’s almost certain Jon Lester will start Game 1. Lester faced the Cardinals once in his career, in 2008. Only Matt Holliday (2 for 6), Carlos Beltran (1 for 1) and Molina (0 for 3) have faced him before.

• The Red Sox had Sunday off. The team will have a workout at Fenway Park on Monday afternoon. Both teams will work out at the park on Tuesday.

• The Red Sox, counting the postseason, are 57-29 at Fenway. The Cardinals, counting the postseason, are 45-41 on the road.

• The Red Sox did not play the Cardinals this season. But they were 14-6 in interleague games, outscoring their National League opponents by 64 runs in the 20 games.

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