Daniel Nava not discouraged by loss of playing time in postseason

Daniel Nava started 121 games for the Red Sox during the regular season. But he has been in the lineup for only four of the 10 postseason games. Manager John Farrell now favors Jonny Gomes, even against righthanded pitchers.

It doesn’t sound like that will change, either.

“We haven’t made out Wednesday’s lineup yet. But can’t go away from maybe a little bit of momentum that a certain lineup has provided for us,” Farrell said. “Daniel Nava’s certainly not forgotten. Nor is any guy.”

Nava hit .303 in the regular season. His .831 OPS was third among all American League outfielders. Nava also hit .322 with an .894 OPS against righthanded pitchers.


The Cardinals have all righthanded starters. But if Farrell sticks with Gomes, Nava said he would understand.

“I knew that going into the playoffs anything could happen,” he said. “They made us very aware of that. They weren’t going off stats; they were starting fresh. I don’t know everything that goes into that decision.

“They said, ‘Hey, you’ll get your shot, so be ready.’ So I’ll be ready. I’ve tried to do what I could in my at-bats.”

Nava said the topic doesn’t come up in the clubhouse.

“There’s no bickering or backstabbing. We’re here to win. If not we wouldn’t be here, and there would be problems. You can’t get to the World Series with problems like that,” he said. I know the opportunities will come, I just don’t know when.

“We were in last place last season and now we’re in the World Series and I’m on the roster. I can’t complain about that.”

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