Nava returns to lineup for Game 3

ST. LOUIS — Red Sox manager John Farrell didn’t list his lineup for Game 3. But he did lay out a few of his plans:

• Daniel Nava starts in left field, replacing Jonny Gomes.

• Stephen Drew is staying at shortstop despite being 4 for 42 in the postseason and 1 of his last 35.

“While he has had his struggles, they’re well documented, we live it with him,” Farrell said. “He has played such a strong defensive position at shortstop. [Thursday] night there’s probably three or four plays that he makes, that might otherwise build into a potential inning for the Cardinals.

“He’s such a steadying force for us on defense up the middle and on the infield in general.”

• David Ortiz will start at first base and Mike Napoli will be on the bench.


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