World Series Today: Travel day

The World Series resumes Saturday in St. Louis, and we know for sure there will be three games there now that the series is tied 1-1.

A sweep by either team would end it in St. Louis on Monday, but if each team wins one, the series will come back to Boston for Game 6 on Wednesday.

In lieu of game details today, we’ll bring you some different perspective to keep the baseball conversation rolling.

Reader Matt Bryce shared with us the daily newsletter his 14-year-old son, Troy, produces each fall during the playoffs and sends to family and friends. It’s called “Harvest Baseball” and in addition to recapping the previous night’s game and previewing the next one, Troy includes a “Roberto Clemente Act of the Day” spotlighting a good deed (such as Jon Lester visiting a cancer patient before Game 1), a player to watch and a quiz to see how closely his readers paid attention to the game.


With no game today, Troy shares his picks for the top player each team should acquire in the off-season. I’ve listed them in the Full Entry (button at bottom) section of this post. Enjoy.

Today’s details:
— The Cardinals work out at 2 p.m. and the Red Sox at 5 p.m. We’ll have updates afterward in Extra Bases.

Worthwhile links:
— Check out for Peter Abraham’s game story, Nick Cafardo’s On Baseball, columns by Dan Shaughnessy and Christopher L. Gasper, and more.

— Nick Cafardo has a thoughtful explanation of the kerfuffle over the accusation Jon Lester may have been doctoring the ball in Game 1.

— Chad Finn’s take on Game 2 is here. Steve Silva and Dan Shaughnessy provide their take in our nightly recap video.

— The St. Louis Post-Dispatch put Bostonians to the test about St. Louis and looks like Boston didn’t do very well. David Hunn’s video report is embedded below.

— Post-Dispatch columnist Bernnie Miklasz is always a good read. Here’s today’s offering, “Cards find their way back.”

— On MLB Network, analysts Al Leiter, Sean Casey, John Smoltz, and Dan Plesac did a fascinating breakdown of the key play in Game 2 when the Cardinals scored two runs to take the lead in the seventh inning. Their demonstration uses both the whole-field camera angle and re-creations of the play both in-studio and at Fenway Park.


Watch it here, it’s worth six minutes:

From Harvest Baseball newsletter by Troy Bryce:

The World Series is on a travel day, and will resume tomorrow. Today I will be writing the “offseason probables”, or my predictions of the top player acquired by each team over the course of the offseason.
Red Sox- RHP Matt Cain
Tigers- LHP David Price
Athletics- 2B Howie Kendrick
Braves- 2B Jose Altuve
Cardinals- RHP Jonathan Paplebon
Dodgers- 2B Robinson Cano
Rays- SS Jhonny Peralta
Indians- 3B Michael Young
Rangers- OF Jose Bautista
Nationals- OF Josh Hamilton
Pirates- SS Jose Reyes
Diamondbacks- RHP Scott Diamond
Yankees- OF Angel Pagan
Royals- OF BJ Upton
Angels- OF Jayson Werth
Phillies- RHP Sergio Romo
Reds- R.A. Dickey
Padres- C A.J. Pierzynski
Orioles- 2B Ian Kinsler
Twins- SS Yunel Escobar
Mariners- OF Shin-Soo Choo
Mets- 1B James Loney
Brewers- RHP Wade Miley
Giants- RHP Ryan Dempster
Blue Jays- LHP Derek Holland
White Sox- 3B Matt Dominguez
Astros- 1B Ike Davis
Marlins- Utility Player Justin Turner
Cubs- SS Josh Rutledge
Rockies- 2B Darwin Barney

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