Shane Victorino on the NBA; John Farrell joins Coach K

It’s good to be the World Series champions.

David Ross was at ESPN today (see previous post) and now Shane Victorino will be taking over the @NBAonTNT Twitter account during the Lakers-Rockets game tonight.

Shane will be commenting on the game and chatting with fans. Use the #ShaneTakeover hashtag to join in.

John Farrell taped an interview with Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski that will be on SiriusXM College Sports Nation (Channel 91) at 6 p.m. tonight.

A few highlights:

Coach K: “As a basketball coach, and I’m a big baseball fan, if I could pick one guy to have on my team every day it would be Pedroia. Every time I watch you guys play, there’s no monkey business going on. That guy is a stone cold killer. He sets an amazing tone. How big is his bat? His bat looks bigger than him!”


Farrell: “Well, because he’s only 5-6 a 33-inch bat is going to look half his body [size]. (laughs) … He’s got incredible hand-eye coordination. If you slow down video and watch, every ounce of his 165 pounds is into every single swing and when you consider the aggressiveness to the swing and his ability to make contact so frequently, he’s a rarity, there’s no doubt about it. But the thing that is bigger than his bat is his heart. It is amazing. And he talks a big game because he doesn’t back down from anyone. We’re just so fortunate to be able to watch this guy on a daily basis.”

Coach K: “I think it’s amazing how you were able to develop a championship attitude when you took over a team that finished last. What were a couple of the key things that you did to help bring about that turnaround?”

Farrell: “The thing that was clear is that there was a very strong and talented core group of players that were here at the end of 2012.

“Last August when Ben [Cherington] made the trade with the Dodgers, that was the first step towards Ben almost creating an open canvas and to begin to put his vision down, and in conjunction with him, we share very similar values and views on how the game should be played, what we value inside our clubhouse, the people that we bring in there, the players. And then ultimately, what are we going to do between the lines. So as the team was put together and the guys that were brought in they, ‘they’ being Ben and his staff, we did, I think, a great job of identifying those guys that would embrace the challenges of Boston.


On the team’s late-inning comeback in Game 2 of the ALCS:

Farrell: “The one thing I can say with a lot of confidence is if [David] Ortiz doesn’t hit the grand slam you’re probably talking to another manager right now. I’ll be honest with you. Because if we go into Detroit down 0-2 rather than 1-1 with some momentum from Game 2 on our side, that’s probably unlikely that we get through that series to advance on.

“But the one thing that we felt like, if we could get past their starting pitching, which was historically good in the postseason, the Tigers were, if we could get into their bullpen we felt like we had a chance. Even though we were down 5-1, the strength of this team has always been to never give at-bats away. Even though we had punched out 13 times leading up to that point there’s a relentlessness to this group, particularly when they stand in the batter’s box, to put up tough at-bats.”

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