Red Sox announce ‘variable pricing’ ticket structure for 2014

It will cost more to go to some Red Sox games in 2014. But it also will cost less to go to some others.

The Red Sox, fresh off their World Series championship, announced a “variable pricing structure” for next season that will raise prices for games in “high demand” and lower them for games in “low demand.”

In all, the 81 home games will be divided into five “tiers” that reflect expected demand. Prices increase from Tier 5 up to Tier 1.

Overall, the Sox said, the new prices represent a 4.8 percent increase from 2013 — the first increase in three years.

“Variable pricing better aligns tickets with market value,” said Sam Kennedy, the team’s executive vice president/COO, in a statement.


The 16 Tier 1 games include the home opener against Milwaukee, all nine games against the Yankees, three games against the Orioles in early July (including July 4), and three games against the Royals in July after the All-Star break.

A field box seat for those games that cost $135 in 2013 will now cost $165. A lower bleacher seat goes from $28 to $40. There are incremental increases for the other seating locations around the park.

Tier 2 games will have a smaller increase. In Tiers 3 and 4, there are even smaller increases, with some prices staying the same.

In Tier 5, all the prices drop. Those 16 games include six against the Rays (three in late April-early May, three in September), three against the Rangers (in early April), two against the Blue Jays (in May), three against the Orioles (in early September), and two against the Reds (in early May).

A field box ticket for those games will drop from $135 to $115, and a lower bleacher ticket from $28 to $20, along with the other incremental drops across the board.

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