Red Sox hope to discuss Drew again with Boras

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — A few notes from Ben Cherington’s session with the beat writers:

• The Red Sox have not spoken recently with agent Scott Boras about shortstop Stephen Drew. But Cherington hopes that will happen before the Winter Meetings end. The Red Sox are interested in keeping Drew if the terms are right.

• Cherington said many of the trades he has been discussing would be smaller ones involving bench players. Those, he said, would be more likely to be made than any major deals he has talked about so far.

• There was an interesting discussion about younger pitchers. Cherington said the Red Sox like the idea of Brandon Workman, Matt Barnes, Anthony Ranaudo and others in that group to either pitch extensively in Triple A (a model the Rays favor) or break in through the bullpen (which the Cardinals do).


• The Sox obviously have an extra starter. But that depth could have more value than trading one of them.

“Every time we think about potentially moving a starter, something in the back of our head reminds us, don’t do it unless it really makes sense. We know we’re going to need more than five starters to get through the season, probably need more than six starters to get through the season,” Cherington said.

Young pitchers, Cherington said, would get their opportunities over the course of the season even if the Red Sox have a full rotation.

• The Red Sox have extra pitchers and the Yankees have extra outfielders. Why not make a deal? Cherington said minor deals with division foes are possible but a major trade is difficult because you would want $1.50 worth of value for $1.

Consider this:

— The Red Sox haven’t made a trade with the Yankees since 1997 (Tony Armas for Mike Stanley).

— The last player swap with Baltimore was in 2009 (David Pauley for Randor Bierd.).

— The last (and only) deal with the Rays was in 1999. Minor leaguer Will Silverthorn was swapped for Julio Santana.

— The Sox traded Mike Aviles to Toronto last October for John Farrell and David Carpenter. Before that, the last player-for-player deal was in 2004.


Some other notes from around the meetings:

• Yankees manager Joe Girardi on his new outfielder, Jacoby Ellsbury: “I think we’ve acquired a great player. We’ve seen the damage can he do against us. We first-hand witnessed that how he can change a game.” Ellsbury will be introduced in New York on Friday.

• For what it’s worth, the Marlins again said they won’t trade Giancarlo Stanton and Dodgers GM Ned Colletti said he doesn’t need to trade one of his outfielders, including Matt Kemp.

• One-time Red Sox OF prospect Brandon Jacobs is expected to be a player-to-be-named in the three-team deal between the White Sox, Diamondbacks, and Angels. Jacobs would go from Chicago to Arizona assuming he not selected in the Rule 5 Draft on Thursday.

The deal has Mark Trumbo going to the Diamondbacks, pitchers Hector Santiago and Tyler Skaggs joining the Angels, and Adam Eaton going to the White Sox.

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