MLB to ban collisions at home plate

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FLA. — Major League Baseball’s rules committee voted Wednesday to eliminate collisions at the plate.

The rule has yet to be written and would have to be approved by owners and the MLB Players Association. But committee chairman Sandy Alderson, the Mets general manager, is confident the rule will be place for the coming season.

Alderson said the idea is to limit injuries, particularly concussions.

“It’s an emerging issue, and one that we in baseball have to address as well as other sports. So that’s part of the impetus for this rule change as well,” Alderson said.


Managers, general managers and team medical staffers discussed the issue.

Cardinals manager Mike Matheny, a former catcher whose career was ended by concussions, made a presentation. Giants manager Bruce Bochy also has been an advocate since the season-ending injury Buster Posey suffered in 2011.

College and high school leagues prohibit collisions. MLB is expected to treat the plate like any other base, meaning the catcher could not block the runner’s path. Runners who collide with catchers could face fines or suspension.

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