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Sunrise over JetBlue Park this morning (Beat Writer iPhone/Globe Staff)

FORT MYERS, Fla. — The Red Sox will conduct their first full-squad workout today. It will be preceded by a series of speeches from assorted team officials.

It’s one of those days that seems like more than it really is. The idea of the manager giving a fiery talk and motivating the players to go out and win sounds great. But the first game of the season isn’t until March 31. Today is more about reminding the players that they’re here for a purpose and to take care of business.


Most managers, John Farrell included, do their best communication in smaller groups. But today makes for good theater.

The biggest deal at this point is the starting pitchers are healthy (outside of a little hiccup for Jake Peavy) and into their routine. Now that the position players will be in drills, we’ll get a much better idea about guys like Xander Bogaerts, Grady Sizemore, Will Middlebrooks and others.

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