Red Sox camp report for Feb. 21

FRIDAY’S WEATHER: The run of good weather continues here. It was 73 degrees and sunny when the players came out to stretch and warmed up from there.

MEDICAL REPORT: All clear for the moment.

FUNDAMENTALLY SPEAKING: The Red Sox worked on bunt defense with the pitchers doing through two drills. A group of 13 pitchers then threw live batting practice to hitters. The infielders and outfielders were on a different field for group defensive work.

THUMBS UP: After Henry Owens was finished throwing live batting practice, he worked on some pickoff throws. An errant throw to second base was headed for center field but 49-year-old coach Bob Kipper made a diving stop. It was the best defensive play of the day.


THUMBS DOWN: The bunt defensive work produced the usual amount of flubs and mistimed throws as the pitchers worked to get in synch with the infielders.

AROUND THE BASES: The Red Sox started their workout early before most of the players and manager John Farrell headed for their annual charity golf tournament to benefit a local children’s hospital. … The Sox had representatives from Majestic in the clubhouse to fit them for their uniforms. … The Red Sox have a bunt defense drill named “The Juanchi” after pitching coach Juan Nieves. The pitchers rotate through the positions on the infield, the idea being to learn what each player is responsible for. So a fan passing by Field 6 on Friday would have seen Andrew Miller at shortstop, John Lackey at second, Jon Lester at third base Jake Peavy playing first base and Koji Uehara catching. … Dustin Pedroia said his days of diving into first base are finished after tearing a ligament in his left thumb. “Did it twice in my career. Once was too many,” he said

SCHEDULE: The Sox have a MLB Players Association meeting at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday before they go on the field.

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