Storms may affect Sox game

JUPITER, Fla. – Good afternoon from Jupiter.

We’re going to be anticipating severe weather here over the next few hours so we have no idea how much of this game will take place. There’s a window from noon-4 p.m. where severe storms could bury the region.

John Farrell indicated that both David Ross and AJ Pierzysnki have come along nicely from their foot and ankle injuries and are scheduled to play Friday and Saturday.

Jake Peavy, who threw a bullpen, will continue with his throwing program and Farrell hopes that in the next few days the bandage on his left index finger will be reduced to the point where he can wear a glove and begin taking the pounding on the healing laceration where he cut himself with a fishing knife.


Back in Fort Myers, Brian Butterfield put the infielders through workouts, especially Will Middlebrooks, who had a tough day in the field on Wednesday in Jupiter vs. the Cardinals.

Farrell met with Marlins catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia and wished him well. There had been some hard feelings during the World Series when Salty was benched in favor of Ross, but both have moved on and appear to be getting along fine.

Farrell is impressed with Bryce Brentz’ camp thus far. Brentz has hit two homers and made a tremendous throw from right field Wednesday to nail a runner going from second to third.

This is a big draw for Marlins, so they’ll try to get the game in. Bill Parcells, who lives here, just showed up.

Giancarlo Stanton is in the Marlins’ lineup. There will always be rumors associated with Stanton and Boston. Stanton acknowledged he’s heard them and said he respects the Red Sox for the great team concept.

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