Good morning from Fort Myers

FORT MYERS, Fla. — The Red Sox have a split-squad doubleheader today. There’s a game in Sarasota against Baltimore and one at home against Miami.

It would have been amusing if the Marlins sent a team of scrubs to JetBlue Park after complaining about the Red Sox not sending enough major leaguers last week. Silly spring training feuds are fun diversions. But according to the Miami reporters, they’re sending a representative team.

Links to today’s Globe coverage:

Chris Gasper writes that there is some risk to giving Jon Lester a contract extension. But he sure looked worth the price on Monday.

Twin brothers Bryce and Jared Brentz are power hitters in different sports. For Bryce, his brother is an inspiration.

The notebook has the rotation lined up for the season and Shane Victorino taking a right turn.


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