Good morning from Route 75

SARASOTA, Fla. — Writing this from a truck stop on the way back to the Fort. Thank goodness for satellite radio on these long trips.

The Red Sox have 11 days (and 11 games) left of spring spring training. That should be sufficient time to decide a few questions:

1. What five players will be in the outfield on Opening Day?

2. What seven players will be in the bullpen?

3. When will David Ortiz (2 for 27, 9 strikeouts) get the bat going?

Grady Sizemore is an interesting dilemma for the Red Sox. You can build a good case for making him the center fielder right now because he’s healthy and he’s playing well. The odds are against him staying healthy, so you might as well get what you can out of him while you can. Maybe it’s a month, maybe it’s two. But get it while you can.


Or you can make a case to keep building him up methodically, a process that would include a DL stint to start the season and extra games in Florida before calling him up when the need arises. That would increase the chances of long-term health.

For the hoopla about Sizemore, it’s worth noting that he has played in seven games and gone back-to-back once. It’s a great story so far, but at least a little perspective is needed.

Our Globe stories today:

Nick Cafardo spoke to Xander Bogaerts and Derek Jeter about their connection. The two No. 2’s have mutual admiration.

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