Watch: John Farrell on missed opportunities against Orioles

BALTIMORE — Red Sox manager John Farrelll spoke about Monday’s disappointing 2-1 Opening Day loss to the Orioles at Camden Yards.

“Everyone is going to focus on that final out made,” Farrell said after the game. “but there was a number of opportunities that we did create but just didn’t cash in.”

Farrell was asked about catcher having A.J. Pierzynski bat in the top of the eighth inning with Jackie Bradley Jr. representing the tying run at second base and Jonny Gomes still on the bench.

“A.J.’s going to put the bat on the ball,” Farrell said. “He had I think a 2-for-5 against [Oriole reliever Zach] Britton in previous at-bats against him. Left-handed, right-handed, A.J.’s going to put up a good at-bat. Still, we had a number of opportunities. The two out base-hit was elusive.”


Farrell was also asked about pinch running Bradley for Mike Napoli in that eighth inning, which turned into JBJ up at the plate in the ninth.

“That’s going to be one that you open yourself up to,” Farrell admitted. “Knowing that [Orioles closer Tommy] Hunter was going to be closing things out, as lefthanders have had much more success against him, there was a willingness to do it a little bit more in that situation but we’re trying to scramble to scratch out a run and tie things up so… not second guessing the move.”

Farrell was asked if it was tough to leave Gomes on the bench for the game knowing his flair for the dramatic.

“Again, I liked where we were matchup wise,” Farrell said. “Righthanded, lefthanded, A.J.’s our starting catcher, the way he and Jon [Lester] were working together, I wasn’t going to look to disrupt that so stayed with it.”

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