Watch: Kevin Millar, Sean Casey call Manny Ramirez cheap on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’

Former Red Sox Kevin Millar and Sean Casey discussed their careers in Boston and dished on Manny Ramirez on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ this week.

“He had $160 million contract,” said Millar. “I think me and half the team were making league minimum. He had a tough time paying for a cab. You’re in Seattle and say, ‘Can I go to Safeco please?’ … It’d be $13 and he’d look at me. I’d say, ‘I guess I got this one, Manny.”

Casey told a story of running up a $600 restaurant bill with Ramirez and Alex Cora.

“Guy bolted, got in a cab, left us with the check,” said Casey, laughing. You can watch the full interview above.


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