Babe Ruth’s 97-Year-Old Daughter Tosses First Pitch at Wrigley, Shows Sox Love

As part of the season-long 100th anniversary celebration of Wrigley Field, Theo Epstein’s Cubs gave away a “Called Shot Bobblehead” on Friday to honor Babe Ruth’s famous called shot that allegedly took place during Game 3 of the 1932 World Series.

Longtime Red Sox fan — and 97-year-old daughter of Babe Ruth — Julia Ruth Stevens threw out the first pitch before Friday’s game and also joined the Cubs’ broadcast booth for some Q&A.

Stevens — the only surviving daughter of the former Red Sox lefty and Yankees legend — told Jim Deshaies that she watches major league games “all summer” at her New Hampshire home.


“I pull for the Red Sox… [because] Daddy started with the Red Sox,” she confirmed during her visit to the Cubs booth.
Stevens has been seen at Fenway Park several times over the last few decades. She last threw out the first pitch at Fenway in 2011, and in 2010, she spent her 94th birthday in Boston when she took in a game between the Red Sox and Rangers.
“It’s wonderful,” Stevens said about being at Fenway in 2010. “I always watch the Red Sox on TV, but this will be the first game I’ve been to this year.”

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