Red Sox Take Another Hit: Brandon Workman Suspended for 6 Games

Barry Chin / Globe Staff

Brandon Workman gets suspended for Friday night’s fiasco at Fenway while David Price can go about his business.

Major league baseball today suspended Workman for six games for throwing a pitch in the head area of Rays third baseman Evan Longoria Friday night. The Sox righthander was also fined an undisclosed amount.

Workman announced that he will appeal his six-game suspension. This process will allow him to make his scheduled start Wednesday against the Indians.

David Ortiz was not happy with the ruling and continued to voice his unhappiness with Price.

“He started everything up and we’ve got to pay for it basically,” Ortiz said in Cleveland on Tuesday. “Is that the message that I’m getting right? So I don’t have any answer about that, but it’s like I say man, way too much evidence now that he hit me on purpose, and the funny thing is that we are the ones getting fines, suspensions, and all kinds of stuff, I guess the rules aren’t for everyone…


“Some crap what he said the first night and then something that he say the next day don’t make no sense. He said: ‘I think I’m bigger than the game.’ Who around the league can say that about myself? It’s basically what happens every time the pitcher screws up, they’re looking for excuses. You’re never going to see a pitcher come out and say, yeah I hit him on purpose…[they say] I was trying to establish my fastball in… you have eight walks in 80 innings, you know what you’re doing out there. In my case, when he hit me I was a little confused with everything that went down the year before and stuff, basically first inning, as the game goes by I start thinking about things and seeing things different. That’s why I was so angry after the game.”

You can listen to the full Ortiz rant on here.
It was a fracas-filled Friday night at Fenway after both benches were warned in the first inning after Ortiz was plunked by Price, but even though Price nailed Mike Carp in the fourth inning, the Rays ace was spared the wrath of home plate umpire Dan Bellino.
Price was allowed to remain in the game because umpires did not believe the pitch to Carp was intentional.
Workman wasn’t so lucky, as a pitch to Longoria with one out in the sixth inning sailed near the Rays third baseman’s head, prompting the immediate ejection from Bellino.
Workman said afterward that “the ball was slick and it slipped out of my hand.”
The 25-year-old Workman has made five starts in his big league career, never pitching longer than 6 1/3 innings. His best start came on July 30, 2013, when he went six frames and allowed one run on six hits to the Seattle Mariners, picking up nine strikeouts and walking only one. He has never allowed more than three runs in a big league start.

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