Manny Machado Pulls a Trot Nixon, Throws Bat


Orioles third baseman Manny Machado, who’s hitting just .235 for the Orioles this season and has killed my fantasy team (Rick Reilly joke), was ejected from Sunday’s game with the Oakland A’s after throwing his bat toward third base.

Both benches cleared after Machado threw his bat in the direction of third baseman Alberto Callaspo. The bat-toss immediately followed a pitch from Oakland’s Fernando Abad that almost hit Machado’s knee. Both Abad and Machado were ejected from the game, and Machado is being accused of throwing his bat intentionally to try to hit Abad.

Earlier in the game, A’s catcher Derrick Norris took issue to Machado grazing his head with a couple of back swings.


Machado is likely facing some sort of suspension, which he will likely appeal in time to play in tonight’s game vs. the Red Sox (7:05 p.m., NESN).

There’s precedent here. In 2002 Red Sox outfielder (and original dirt dog) Trot Nixon was suspended for four games for throwing his bat in the direction of Devil Rays pitcher Ryan Rupe.

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