Watch: Brock Holt Robs Brian Roberts in the Bronx

The player who seems to be doing it all for the Red Sox over the past month is at it again.

Brock Holt, who the Sox have thrown into nearly every position on the field in order to keep his bat and hustle in the lineup, made a play on Friday that his opposing right fielder, the Yankees’ Ichiro, would have been proud of.

Down 1-0 in the bottom of the second, Brandon Workman hung an 86-mph cutter over the plate and Brian Roberts hit it sharply to right. Holt kept going back and back, but appeared to run out of wall in the short Yankee Stadium right field.


He then stopped the Yankees from doubling their lead by leaping up and snaring the ball that was just heading over the wall, much to the pleasure of his grateful starter.
Holt has played just 16 career games in the outfield, but has already shown his athleticism and baseball IQ make him look like a natural. With all the problems the Red Sox have right now, one thing that they can count on is Holt will be ready and productive, no matter where in the ballpark he plays.

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