Rumor Mill Grinds Away: Updates on Peavy, Lester, and Lackey

Jessica Rinaldi / Globe Staff

Depending on who you listen to, Jake Peavy is going to the Cardinals, or he isn’t going to the Cardinals.

In today’s St. Louis Dispatch, the indication is that the Cards are “looking for offense” over pitching and that Peavy does not match their needs right now.

The Red Birds did have a scout in Boston on Sunday, but that was reportedly to scout AL clubs St. Louis would be facing later in the season (the Red Sox will play in Busch Stadium on Aug. 5-7). The Dispatch also reports that the Cards are hopeful Joe Kelly can help the rotation after spending nearly three months on the disabled list.


But on WEEI today, ESPN’s Buster Olney was bullish on a Peavy trade to St. Louis.

“I think he’s going to wind up going to St. Louis,” Olney said. “Probably there’s a situation where the Red Sox might be trying to extract some value out of this as opposed to just a pure salary dump where they’re eating some dollars and moving them out to essentially create some spots for the younger pitchers.”

There had been reports that the Cardinals would send 2013 All-Star Allen Craig to Boston in exchange for the veteran righthander.

Peavy seemed resigned to the fact that he’d be leaving Boston soon after Tuesday night’s game.

“I would think [the trade rumors have some validity] at this point in time,” Peavy said. “I don’t think people are making stuff up and throwing it out there. You respect what you hear. I don’t read anything. I don’t know what’s out there. I just know that I’m getting a lot of texts and calls, people speaking to me about it. We obviously have got to respect the reality of that situation. At the same time, I just hear from my representation and [Red Sox GM Ben Cherington] to where your head stays out of all those rumors and all that stuff.”


Peavy went on to talk about his bond with Boston and the team he’s been with for less than a year.

“My love for the Boston Red Sox will be unbreakable,” an emotional Peavy said. “What we did last year was all I ever dreamed of doing. When you do that, this place is held in the highest regard it could ever be held in. That being said, I will always want to do what’s best for the Boston Red Sox. That could very possibly be me being moved to save money for the Boston Red Sox or get a player or two or create roster space for somebody to come up and take my spot. That’s the reality of the situation. I’ll always want to do what’s best for Boston, although when I told you about what was so special about last year was the brotherhood that I have with 10 or so guys on this team, and I take pride on being a man. But I hope all you all aren’t around to see me cry like a baby, because if that day does come, it’s going to be tough for me to look some guys in the eye and not know that they’re going to be on this team.”

Red Sox manager John Farrell said today on WEEI that he knows this is the rumor season but he expects Peavy to be in a Red Sox uniform for his next start against the Astros in Houston.


“My full expectation is that Jake Peavy is in our uniform and will remain there,” Farrell said.

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington indicated on NESN Tuesday that it may be time for the Red Sox to begin retooling for the 2015 season.

“At some point, we may need to be realistic and focus on helping the 2015 team,” Cherington said. “We are not at that point yet. If we can’t close that gap, we have to be honest with ourselves.”

Regarding the rumors related to other Red Sox starters, the Globe’s Nick Cafardo reports that numerous teams have been contacting the Red Sox about starter John Lackey. Lackey is signed to make the major league minimum for the Red Sox in 2015 per his current contract.’s Gordon Edes reports that the Red Sox are continuing “conversations” that could lead to another offer to Jon Lester, who is set to hit free agency after this season if he does not re-sign with Boston. Lester’s camp is reportedly unhappy with the Red Sox initial offer of four years at $70 million, far below market value for the accomplished southpaw.

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