‘Pretty Drunk’ Chrissy Teigen Throws Out Decent First Pitch at Dodger Stadium

Maybe 50 Cent should have had a few pops before his toss at Shea Stadium in May.

Swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen threw out the first pitch before Tuesday night’s Dodgers-Angels game at Dodger Stadium. And it was a decent throw from the rubber that made it to the plate before being snatched up by Dodger pitcher Drew Butera.

The throw was particularly impressive considering Teigen’s state of being as she tweeted out:

More evidence that Teigen may have enjoyed a few beverages before taking the mound comes from an Instagram photo she posted of her dad mixing some margaritas on Tuesday afternoon.


Seems it was a family affair as mom was celebrating the ceremonial first pitch as well.

Teigen’s jersey had the word “Nugz” in the name are along with No. 40 on the back. MLB.com reporter Michael Lananna lets us know why.

John Legend’s better half did reference the debacle that was 50 Cent’s first pitch before she took the field.

“I want to do well,” Teigen said. “I really want to nail this… I know there’s a ton of 50s. I know a lot of people don’t care, but I care. … I want to do a fastball strike.”

It wasn’t a fastball, but it wasn’t a mile wide like the rap star’s ill-fated toss.

And with pitchers like Allen Webster struggling to find the plate, maybe the Red Sox should take a look at down-the-middle Teigen for a rotation spot next season?

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