Sox Notes: Castillo Could Be Announced Today; Kelly OK; Bogaerts to Have Concussion Test

BOSTON – The Red Sox have not yet officially announced the signing of Rusney Castillo. But the Cuban outfielder is at Fenway Park Saturday morning.

He has completed his physical exams, with the Sox just waiting on the results. According to a source, he also is awaiting a work visa and clearance from the Office of Foreign Asset Control, a formality for Cubans in the United States.

Manager John Farrell met with Castillo Saturday morning.

“He’s excited to be here, glad the process has moved along to this point,” Farrell said. “And excited to get started when that day comes.


“There’s still some things he’s got to work through.”

Farrell has not seen much of Castillo in action.

“There’s not a lot [of video] available, actually,” Farrell said. “I’ve seen a couple of clips of him taking BP or running. Looks to be an explosive type of player.

“He’s obviously a very strong-looking athlete. Maybe a little bit shorter version of [the Dodgers’ Yasiel] Puig. You get a similar proportion to that type of body. So what that means performance-wise, we’ll see. But we’re confident in the athleticism and the overall strength.”

Farrell said the Sox would like Castillo to get some playing time with one of their minor league teams first, but do not have a timeline for that or when he could potentially be brought up to the Sox.

There is likely to be a press conference after the game on Saturday.

• Joe Kelly, who left Friday’s game with a shoulder issue, has no “ill effects” of that today, Farrell said.

“After a battery of tests that he went through after the game last night that didn’t reproduce any of the symptoms, it was followed up with him feeling well this morning,” Farrell said. “And he’s on target to start in five days.”


• Xander Bogaerts, who was hit on the helmet with an 88-mph change up from Felix Hernandez in the fifth inning on Friday but stayed in the game until being removed for pinch-hitter Brock Holt for his sixth-inning at-bat, will undergo concussion testing today.

“Any time you get hit in the head like he did last night and removed from the game, he’s got to go through a protocol, which he’s going through today, just to see if there’s any concussion symptoms,” Farrell said. “So that’s what’s taking place this morning.”

The decision to leave him in the game on Friday was based on on-field testing done immediately following Bogaerts being hit.

“All the field tests – forgive me, I’m not a medical person – the eye test, the walking the straight line, having him stand there with his eyes closed, all those were negative results,” Farrell said. “So it was determined at that point that he continue. Based on his response to questions and all that our trainers put him through in the moment. But not uncommon as time goes on that you start to feel the onset of symptoms. And that was the case last night. And that’s when he was removed.”

Bogaerts was in the clubhouse Saturday morning and said he felt good.

• Farrell talked to Koji Uehara Friday, after the closer’s five-run implosion.

“He’s disappointed,” Farrell said. “I talked to him briefly after the game last night. He’s fully accountable, as we’ve known from his time here. Disappointed, but they strung together a number of at-bats to combine for the five runs.


“Everyone’s going through their throwing program right now. So I’ll have a better idea when they’re done who’s available and who’s not today.”

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