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Pedro Martinez Is Still Upset With Jorge Posada for Starting Infamous Brawl at Fenway in 2003

The man can throw a baseball, and hold a grudge.

On Monday, Pedro Martinez told WFAN’s Mike Francesca that the incident that sparked the brawl in which Martinez threw down Yankees bench coach Don Zimmer was started when Yankees catcher Jorge Posada insulted Martinez’s mother.

It’s a story that Pedro — who’s book with the Boston Herald’s Michael Silverman hits bookstores on Tuesday — told many times before, but he says he’s still not ready to forgive and forget.

“I’m not friends with Posada and he’s not friends with me,” Martinez told Francesca. “We never got to be really close and I don’t really want to interact with Posada.”


Martinez tells Francesca that it was Posada’s cursing of his mother that led to the infamous brawl.

“So Posada pops up out of the dugout and he’s talking and he’s curses my mom, that’s what he says,” Martinez said. “I said, ‘Hey, I’ll remember that.'”

Martinez said the incident with Zimmer is something he regrets.

“This is one I’d like to erase,” Martinez said of the way he handled the incident with Zimmer. “I would have made a show out it, I would start running on the field, let him chase me… I totally regret that happening because I’m very protective of old people.”


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