Extra Points

Brady’s take

Comments from Tom Brady’s post-game press conference:

(On reaction to the loss)
“I guess [the loss] just hasn’t sunk in yet. It’s going to be a long flight home, a long offseason. It’s just tough all around.”

(On the team’s errors)
“It’s just unfortunate that it was our best players making some of the big mistakes. It was disappointing at the end of the game when you look up at the scoreboard and realize how many points we left on the field and can’t make up for it.”

(On the mood of the team)
“Everyone is disappointed. It’s a very disappointed locker room. I think we realize what a special opportunity we had and the opportunity is not in front of us anymore. Denver made a lot of great plays, but we helped them out. I can’t complain because I have been on the other side of those plays in years past.”


(On what the team has accomplished)
“Reflection is really going to come in the next month or two. Over the course of the playoffs we will be able to sit home and reflect as we watch other teams compete. We had a tremendous opportunity and just didn’t earn [the win].”

(On the team’s effort)
“We fought hard. There is no quit in our team. We just kept rallying, and in the end, we didn’t make enough plays to win the game. This team will be around again –- most of our players aren’t going anywhere and our coach isn’t going anywhere.”

(On the season)
“It’s been tough. Every year is draining. You go seven days a week without a break. Physically and emotionally you get drained. The last few weeks I’ve been running on vapors, but you find a way to fight through it because of the Super Bowl. We’ve been there the last few years, and it makes it very difficult to accept that we won’t be there this year. It makes you appreciate what we’ve accomplished the last few years.”

(On feeling like he’s running on vapors)
“It’s been like that the last three or four weeks. But every NFL player feels like that. I didn’t think our problems as a team were mental; it’s just that whenever you have as many turnovers as we did, it nullifies everything.”


(On Denver’s defense)
“They didn’t do anything we didn’t expect. They are a pressure defense, and that pressure forced some errant throws. Once we settled in, we were able to make some plays. We just weren’t able to score.”

(On five turnovers as a team)
“Any time you turn the ball over as much as we did, you don’t give yourself a chance to win the game.”

(On Champ Bailey’s interception)
“They were blitzing and I was running from a guy on my right. Champ had outside coverage and I thought I had Troy [Brown] open in the corner. Champ just made a great play and that’s why he is among the best in the league. That was a 10-point swing right there. I saw Troy outside of Champ after I threw the ball. Champ wheeled back and undercut him to make the interception. It’s tough. When I got hit I rolled over on the ground and I heard the crowd’s reaction. At that time, I realized it was going the other way.”

(On crowd noise)
“It was very loud, but we have experienced that before. We had a few false starts early and we got settled down. Once we got settled down, we were able to move the ball. We just didn’t make the big plays that we needed to.”



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