Belichick on Branch

We weren’t present at Gillette Stadium today, but here is a bit of what Bill Belichick said in regards to the Deion Branch trade:

“On the Deion [Branch] situation, I would just sum it up with a couple of brief comments. It’s been a long process. I think that we tried hard to get it to work out. I think their side and Deion tried hard to make it work as well, but in the end it just didn’t work. It just didn’t happen, so we made the trade with Seattle today. That’s where we are on that one. I know that there will probably be a lot of questions on that and, again, it’s been such a long process and it kind of got complicated there at the end going through all of the things that have been talked about and represented that getting into a lot of details on that is something that I think would be too hard to do and I don’t really think it’s the right thing to do at this point. The bottom line is it just didn’t work out and we traded him to Seattle.”



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