Extra Points

Bill’s take

Patriots coach Bill Belichick just held his Monday press conference (4 p.m. ET) and opened with the following statement:

“I think the tapes today indicated pretty much what we all saw out there yesterday. It was a hard-fought game. Both sides made some big plays in the game. It was fortunate that we were able to make a few more than the Jets did yesterday. I thought that we did some good things in the running game. It was a great drive at the end of the game, to eat up a lot of clock there, plus gain some good field position by the end of the drive. It was certainly a key play in the game. We had some lapses there in the third, and the fourth quarter. The Jets have some outstanding players and were able to take advantage of them. We have a lot of things we have to work on, we’re 2-0, but we still have a lot of areas of our game that we can improve on and sharpen up, so that will be the focus this week. And, of course, Denver, we know they are an outstanding football team, beat us twice last year. We really need to intensify — not that we don’t do that every week — but really intensify our preparations for the Broncos seeing what kind of challenge that will bring for us. We’re trying to get past the Jets as quickly as possible here and move on to Denver.”


A few highlights from Belichick:

* When asked about his quick post-game handshake with Jets head coach Eric Mangini, he said it was “not that big of a thing,” then said: “Let me know the next time you see two coaches kiss out there.”

* One of the plays that Belichick showed the team on videotape today was Corey Dillon’s 10-yard run in the fourth quarter, in which he barreled over safety Kerry Rhodes. The play was reflective of the physical style the Patriots played and Belichick said the team was excited while watching the play.

* In facing third-and-6 or longer, Belichick noted that the Patriots weren’t as successful in converting first downs. “But when we were less than six, it was a pretty high conversion rate,” Belichick said, noting that the team’s final three conversions — on a key fourth-quarter drive — were not long-yardage situations. Overall, the Patriots were 8-of-14 on third down.

LOCKER ROOM: In the locker room, outside linebacker Rosevelt Colvin and defensive linemen Richard Seymour and Mike Wright drew large media crowds. It was a quiet day in the locker room. At the games table in the middle of the room, there was a Russ Hochstein vs. Logan Mankins backgammon matchup, and a Dan Koppen vs. Billy Yates dominoes matchup.



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