Extra Points

Tom’s take

Comments from Tom Brady’s post-game press conference:

On coming out of the game early in the 4th quarter
“He told me. I begged for another series, and he said no, said the game’s tight and I want to see how Matt [Cassel] does. Obviously, Matt responded real well. It was good to see. It was exciting for all the quarterbacks today.”

On the performance
“I’m glad we won. I mean, we put a lot into it — 12 wins is a pretty good year. It doesn’t mean much going into next week, but 12 wins, I’ll take it. It was hard-fought. This team has really responded to a lot of adversity. We’ll see where we go from here.”


On the team’s standing heading into the playoffs
“Well, we won three in a row, haven’t turned it over in three weeks, so I think I’m excited about that offensively. The defense is playing as well as anybody. Like I said, none of it means anything unless you go out and perform next week but I think everybody likes our chances.”

On if the team was upset after Harrison was injured
“I don’t know. I’m sure no one likes to see a team leader, a captain, someone like Rodney to go down. I didn’t see the play. I know everyone was pretty mad about it. … You keep your poise and you try to let your play do the talking. We stooped down to the level that we were playing against. We’ve got to find ways to overcome that kind of play. It was a physical game. Both teams wanted to win.”

On if it was a dirty game
“No. I can only speak for the offense. I dont think they were playing dirty out there on the offense. I think it was very phsyical. Probably testing the limits, probably a little too much. it looked like our defense was [playing more of that game].”


On the season finale and the approach compared to last year
“I don’t think any of the playoff seeds were set. Any time you have an opportunity to move up I think you try to do that. I think every time we take the field we’re trying to win. I know last year was a clsoe game, it came down to the two-point conversion last year. Guys were playing hard today and guys really wanted to win and put a lot into it. I mean, you go through all those weeks of practice not to go out there and lose. It’s nice when the reward is to go out there and really play well. We responded well, playing on the road against a team that still has a lot to play for as well. They were a hot team, they’d won [six] in a row. They were finding ways to win. Fourth quarter, three-point game, and we found a way to win, found a way to pull away.”

On Vinny Testaverde
“That was great. We were standing on the sideline, it was fun to watch those other guys play. I’m proud of the way Matt played, he did a nice job in there leading the team, then Vinny gets in there and throws a touchdown pass for the 20th straight year and the defense sets the scoring record. And Corey rushes, I think he got O.J. [Simpson’s] record. It was a pretty historic day for those guys and this team. We’re all part of those records so it’s fun to see them achieved. It was great, it was a lot of fun out there.”



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