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Pioli on WEEI

Patriots vice president of player personnel Scott Pioli was a guest on the “Dale & Holley Show” on WEEI today. The station’s web site can be found here.

Some of the Q&A:

You must be happy with how things worked out?
“We’re encouraged. We think we made a lot of moves here that hopefully will make us a good football team, not just in the immediate future but well into the future. We think we did some things that hopefully improved this football team.”

Former Miami coach Larry Coker was interviewed today and talked about how you and Bill Belichick spent time talking with the players down there. Is it fair to say you might have had any questions about character answered in those discussions?
“We feel very comfortable with Brandon [Meriweather], and him as a person and as a player. We did spend — not only myself and Bill — but we have a number of scouts who went through there. Organizationally, we talked about all of his situations. We spent quite a bit of time with him as well personally in different environments and different situations. We felt comfortable with Brandon, and Larry and his staff were outstanding. Larry is one of the people in this business that you can certainly trust what he says. And we have a relationship with Randy [Shannon], the new head coach.”


Speaking of another Randy, you acquired Randy Moss as part of your draft. He’s a lightning-rod guy — half of our callers are going crazy, half are excited. Do you think the acquisition of Moss is out of character for you guys, given that when most people think of the Patriots and think of a ‘Patriots’ kind of guy, they wouldn’t think of a player like Randy Moss?
“I don’t think it’s out of character. We’ve been pretty consistent with what we’ve done over the seven years, going into the eighth year, that we’ve been here. What we’ve been pretty consistent about, and feel that this is as well, is doing things that we feel can improve our football team and help our football team win games, and doing it with players that we feel can and will fit into our environment, and with the players we already have here. So based on the research we did, we’re comfortable with Randy and who he is at this point of his career.”

How much action did you have for a trade with that 28th overall pick?
“There was quite a bit. We had a number of calls. I want to say we had at least four or five clubs willing to move up to that spot that had made solid offers to us. That’s why it’s good, especially in the first round when you have 15 minutes to make a decision on a pick, you’re getting a lot of information in — not only during that 15 minutes but prior to the 15 minutes you’re on the clock. We have a pretty organized process that we go through when we receive trade calls. We put them up on the board, we talk to them. We felt the offer from San Francisco was probably the best value at that time.”



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