Extra Points

Moss Q&A

Comments from Randy Moss in the locker room after the game:

How did you feel?
“It felt pretty good. Overall, it was a team effort today. I was just happy and very blessed to be out there with my teammates to get a victory.

Did this exceed your expectations for your first game with the Patriots?
“No, not really. I’ve been in the training room so long. The training staff has done a fantastic job of getting me back, and rehabbing me, and getting me out on the field, knowing what I need to do for at least two weeks. It just felt good. I’m happy, but at the same time we know it’s just the first game of the season. We have a lot more to play.”


Are you looking at this as an opportunity to revitalize your career?
“I don’t need to revitalize. Everybody knows who I am. I don’t need to revitalize nothing.”

Talk about the touchdown catch
“It was just a good read by Tommy. I read the defense. I think the corner was down, the safety was back to the right, so I just came all the way across the field. Tommy had faith in me, believed in me. We had good protection. Everything we did today was very well executed. The coaches got us prepared all week and we went out and made it happen.”

How about your chemistry with Tom Brady?
“As for answering that question about revitalizing my career, I’ve been in the league long enough, so catching balls and running after the catch, that comes natural. The biggest thing I wanted to focus on this week was making sure my mind was mentally fresh and tough enough to go out and play. I didn’t want to let my team down, didn’t want to put them back.”

Do you think you made a statement?
“I’ll leave that up to you guys. That’s what the talk shows and the game shows are for, to tell the people the nonsnese you all believe in. Like I said, I’m just happy and blessed to be in this position. I told you way back before I came to the Patriots that I wanted to showcase my talents, and I think today I did that.”



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