Extra Points

CBS analysts on Pats

Will the Patriots finish with an undefeated record?

Four television analysts from CBS share their thoughts, courtesy of CBS’ media relations department:

“Because of their ability to score points, that’s the thing. When you look at trying to beat the New England Patriots, can you go into their place – they’re going to have home-field advantage throughout the playoff – and score 30-plus points? If you can’t do that, you really don’t have any chance of winning. That’s the reason why I think they’ll go undefeated because of the amount of points they put up.”


“I do believe the Patriots will go undefeated because the Giants have nothing to play for. I don’t think Tom Coughlin is going to risk anybody that might normally play in an “all hands on deck” scenario. There’s no reason for them to even worry about that. Get the guys that need to be healthy, healthy and don’t worry about this game because for the Giants about extending their season into the playoffs. It’s not about beating an undefeated team.”

“There’s no question that they’ll go undefeated for two reasons. The first being that they are playing well enough right now that they want to keep it going. Secondly, the New York Giants, given the results of their win on Sunday, I think they’re going to rest some players. They need to do that. They’re going to be ready to go on the road. They’re going to play the next week possibly on a short week. So, I think there’s no question that New England goes 16-0. But they realize that even though 16-0 is a great regular-season record, they know it’s all about championships. They’re going to do what they have to do to win a championship by keeping the momentum going that they created.”


“I don’t see the Giants beating them. I think the Giants have a few guys banged up and won’t play all their guys. New England is really focused. They have a single-minded approach and have been that way since Day One. They’ve pretty much been that way since coach Belichick has been there. It’s going to take a special effort for someone to beat them. They have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, so it’s going to take a bad weather game. It’s going to take someone to go in there and score between 28 and 31 points, and play perfect. New England is going to have to be off just a little bit. They have shown that they are vulnerable in certain areas, but they find ways to win ballgames. With all that being said, I think there is only one team that can possibly go into New England and beat them, and that’s the Indianapolis Colts because they’ve done it before.”


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