Former Pats pick doesn’t emerge

When the Patriots waived DL Kareem Brown last November to make room for WR Troy Brown on the 53-man roster, the team was favoring the present over the future.

Kareem Brown was a 2007 fourth-round draft choice out of the University of Miami who showed potential to join the team’s already deep defensive line rotation. Meanwhile, Troy Brown was in his final year with the team, and the Patriots were already deep at receiver.

The Jets claimed Kareem Brown on waivers at the time, which added another layer of scrutiny to the Patriots’ decision.

Often times, when those decisions are made, they are seldom revisited unless the player goes on to big things.


In this case, looking at it one year later, the Patriots’ personnel evaluation seemed to be correct (other than drafting Brown in the first place, of course).

Kareem Brown, who had yet to emerge with the Jets, was waived yesterday.

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